„Faceless Insanity“ (new album)

ENTORX new album "Faceless Insanity", Prorgessive Death/Thrash Metal from Germany

We proudly present to you the magnificent cover of our upcoming highly anticipated second album „Faceless Insanity“. It was created by Threadbare Artwork and reflects the content of the album perfectly. What do you think about it? \m/

We are going to release the album on May 29th, 2020. PLEASE, MARK THIS DATE BOLD IN YOUR CALENDAR! Pre order and save informations will be dropped in the very near future.

Responsible for drum recording, mix and master is none other than Christoph Brandes of Iguana Studios (NECROPHAGIST, DEADBORN, PESSIMIST, FINSTERFORST and much more). He absolutely nailed it and made the album sound absolutely killer. You will be blown away, promise!

Again, we followed our tradition to re-record a track of our first EP „Theta Waves“: „Death Machine“ shines in new splendour and is our special bonus track for you!

Tracklist of „Faceless Insanity“:

1) Overture: Condemnation
2) Black Dawn
3) Hypocritical Faith
5) Isolation
6) Madness Unchained
7) Paranoid Conspiracy
8) Morbid Rage
9) Doomed
10) Death Machine (Bonus Track)